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Here i am going to make Kiddo baby food app. By this app parents can cover all of his kids needs.Family is everything. Kiddo baby apps are created to food monitor for the baby's health, as well as save those sweet childhood memories. The concept allows you to always keep vital documents handy. The most important parts of the interface, like details about healthy food, weight gain progress or weigh-in reminders.

Here are splash screenShopping List screen, Recipe details screen,  Home screen, Child Information Screen, Tracking Screen.

In Home screen i keep,

The selected child what age the child is Profile pic and so on A selector for changing the child * A selector to be able to just change what age you want to see information about (if this is not selected it will grab the age of the selected child) 3 main buttons for development , other and recipesIn home screen i keep, Then i keep a feed with different types of cards Articles, Recipes, Ads, Sub-titles

In Shopping screen i keep

Your shopping list and then order it This page should show you the current items you have and also easy access to previous purchases * Also a nice CTA button to “Pay with XXX”

In Recipe Screen I want to keep this page quite clean and nice to read. Below the header we want tabs to be able to switch sectionIngredientsHere i Show ingredients in a list. It can also be sub listsInstructionsThere are also be sub instructions.Information of Good looking Key -> Value design.

In Child Information Screen I keep The child name, his/her age, Gender and a picture of his/her.

Tracking screen it is like the normal tracking screen. When parents ordered the food and placed the order successfully then the tracking screen come and parents can easily track his/her kids foods easily.

Keep with me for more screen


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