3D Modeling and Texturing Workflow



I begin my character design using reference images to inspire the creation of  the character. Combining other artist's approach to appeal, form, personality, and silhoette helps me create a stronger design. Before starting out with the design, I establish the character's story and personality. 



Creating an appealing design with an easily identifiable personality involves giving every structure of the character some thought. So I also break the character up into it's respective body parts and infuse it with personality. I create several drawings until I find the strongest design. 



I begin building the character in 3D using primitive polygons such as cubes and cylinders. This is known as the box modeling workflow.

I carefully consider edgeflow for proper deformations and accurate texture mapping. And I also move every vertex point so that the character looks more organic and round. 



After unwrapping the 3D model into 2D space and creating perfect

Uvs, I use a combination of photographic and hand painted textures

using Zbrush and Mudbox. 



Diffuse Texture



Specular and Normal Map